Don't judge ørepynt, sølv 12-100-01392-0000
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Earrings in sterling silver stamped with the text Don’t judge if you haven’t walked my path.

Decoration: ca 34 x 16 mm
Efvas thought"We all carry our own history and who am I to judge. Open your heart..." — Efva Attling

Care Instructions

To ensure that your Efva Attling jewelry gives you pleasure for many years, it is important to take care of it in the best way possible.

General use and care instructions

Keep it in the accompanying box when not wearing it. Wipe with a polishing cloth after each use to remove make-up, grease, odors etc. Take jewelry containing precious stones to a jeweler once a year to check stones and mountings. Remove your jewelry when bathing, doing the dishes, gardening etc. to protect it from unnecessary wear. Avoid sleeping with jewelry on, which also exposes it to unnecessarily hard wear. No metal, including silver and gold, can tolerate salt or chlorinated water.

Clean your jewelry regularly and it will retain its appearance.

Silver jewelry

Efva Attling Stockholm uses nickel free 925 silver. Silver can sometimes darken, i.e. become oxidized. This can be due to the minerals and salts secreted by the body and can be remedied using "Silver dip", a product available from specialist retailers.